Can we drive Rental Car to Leh Ladakh from Delhi?

Leh Ladakh road trip is the most exciting experience for the wanderlust in any travel enthusiast. You will drive through high mountains and barren lands encountering a beautiful view of Greater Himalayas and Zanskar Range. The self drive you plan is going to be hassle-free with the help of Zoomcar.

You don’t own a car-Problem Solved!!

Not every one of us owns a car to enjoy that experience. But lucky for us, there are several Rental Car services that provide cars for self drive like Zoomcar, Mychoize, Myles, Revv, Voler and many more. Choose any of these services, book car online and Voila! You are good to go. You must know that rental cars make you pay state road tax apart from the toll tax, which you don’t in case of private vehicles.

There are two routes that you can take while traveling to Leh Ladakh from Delhi.

  1. Leh-Manali Highway: It is a perfect road but travelers have to plan properly. The road is 463 km long and there are no petrol pumps for around 365 km. You can halt in Sarchu and Keylong and stay in hotels as well. You can take this road only if the Rohtang Pass is open which gives you a beautiful view of the valleys. The best time to travel is between June-September as Rohtang Pass opens in May. You will have to carry Jerry Cans for fuel storage while taking this highway to avoid any shortage of fuel situations.

    A glimpse of Leh-Manali Highway
  1. Leh- Srinagar Highway: This route is 434 km long and is also known as National Highway 1. It is more reliable and will give you a nice comfortable ride in your self drive car. You drive alongside Indus River and pass through mountain passes named Zozi La, Namki La, and Fotu La Pass. You can witness some breathtaking historical constructions while passing through this route.


Make your journey memorable with the help of Zoomcar

The journey from Delhi to Leh is around 1011 km long and driving a car that long is gonna be a challenge itself, as the car needs to go through various roads and weather conditions. You can choose from sedans, SUV, Compact SUV, and hatchbacks. However, opting for SUV 4×4 or 4×2 will help you explore the beauty of Road Trip to next level.

Zoomcar provides well-maintained vehicles when you specifically state that you are going to a Leh Ladakh road trip. They care a lot about their customers and surely do not want you to have an unpleasant experience when you are spending some leisure time.  The type of car you choose also depends on the number of people you are taking with you. Cars provided by Zoomcar will give you an effortless self drive experience. Zoomcar provides you with the advantage of their 24*7 helpline support in case you encounter any problems.

Self Drive Services provides you with reliable cars. With this kind of reliability, you will not have to worry about the car condition. Add on to this, you need not be concerned about the car care cost.  Not just this, if you are making a sudden plan you can save the hassle of picking up the car and ask Self Drive services for dropping the car at your doorstep. If you are taking a detour, you can directly make the changes through the mobile application and extend the hours of your journey by making the payment for the same. Although, changes in booking is based on Car availability.

Did I forget to warn you about speed limit?

Yes, the safety of their customers is the foremost responsibility of all Rental Car Services. The speed limit for all Self Drive Cars is set to 80km/hr as per Govt. Rules. The speed at which their cars are running during bookings is always tracked by them. You will be given intimation when you are speeding above the limit so as to prevent any penalties on over speeding.

No Self Drive Cars in Leh Ladakh

You read it right. Self Drive cars are not allowed inside the Leh Ladakh. You will have to travel in local taxis after reaching Leh Ladakh as the local taxi associations have banned rental cars illegally there. You can drive your self drive and park it safely in Leh. But you will have to hire local taxis or bikes available in Ladakh for sightseeing. You can also hire bikes on rent and roam freely. This way you can explore all the inches of Ladakh and have several picturesque views.

Planning your Leh Ladakh road trip! Hurry up and log in to Zoomcar website or download Zoomcar app to book your self drive. Stay prepared for the adventurous once in a lifetime experience with the raw beauty of Nature.

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