How to Book Cheapest Self-Drive Car on Rent in India? [2020]

There are a lot of Self-Drive Car Rental providers in the Indian market. It becomes really hard to cross-check and compare the prices of each one of them and select the most affordable and suitable one as per your requirements. As most of the Rental Cars are available in almost all major cities, making it really a good opportunity as well to choose from a wide variety of car options provided by these companies. Here, the problem comes up that, don’t we have a single platform from where we can simply check out all of these different deals available in the market. The answer is yes, we are introducing the same here. You can simply visit to and get the best possible offers on Self-Drive Rental Cars in India.


Apart from comparing the different cars on rent, there are 2-3 different types of packages these all companies offer. Here we’re acknowledging you with all the basic differences between these packages and what one should choose as per his Road Trip. Among all Self Drive Rental Car Services, you are offered with two major Options,i.e, Limited Free kilometers and Unlimited kilometers. In Limited Free kms, there comes again two options With Fuel & Without fuel Option(Which we’ll explain later on), while in Unlimited kms you have to bear the fuel cost and it is not included in the booking fee. For Limited Free kms, Zoomcar and Revv provides the cheapest self drive cars, while for Unlimited kms category Mychoize and Myles is the Cheapest Rental Car provider.

Rent a Car with Limited Free Kms:


The biggest player in the Self Drive Rental car market is Zoomcar, they offer Limited Free Kms to its customers with an option to pay the fuel charges along with Booking Amount or bear it independently and return the vehicle with same fuel readings.

Along with Zoomcar, Revv car rental services also offers Limited Free kms package.

Rent a Car with Unlimited kms:


All the other players in the market offer Unlimited kms and charge hourly booking fees to us. Fuel expenses need to be taken care of by us in such bookings. Mychoize, Volers, Myles, all work on this model. Revv also offers Unlimited kms in their bookings if booking duration is more than 24hrs.

Tariff Categories:

All the Self Drive Rental Services follows three basic tariff categories:

1.Weekly (Mon-Fri)
2.Weekend (Sat-Sun)
3.Peak Season (Occasions and National holidays)

Cheapest Car Rental:

Considering all the factors it is not easy to tag a single company as the cheapest self drive car provider. It depends on many factors.

If you are clear with your itinerary for the trip, then Zoomcar is the Best option as you can select a relative kms range and rest assured for almost all the travel-related expenses for the Trip. If you love to drive rashly then Zoomcar would be the best option, as they include fuel charges already in your Booking amount. So, you need not to worry about the mileage of the vehicle. Although, If you are not confirmed with the exact number of kms to drive, then don’t opt for a Limited Free kms vehicle, as this might result in end up with paying extra bills for highly charged excess kms.

If you wish to travel wildly without any itinerary then should book an Unlimited kms Self Drive rental car, because it gives an opportunity to travel less traveled paths in your own way with freedom of kms. In Unlimited kms category, the cheapest Self Drive Car provider is Mychoize, followed by Voler Cars and Revv.

Car Availability:

You get a wide range of vehicles to choose from, starting from a Tata Nano to massive Toyota Fortuner. Offroaders like Isuzu V-Cross or Thar to Luxurious Jaguar XJL, Audi Convertible. Although, Car availability depends on your luck. I’ll suggest not to wait for last moment bookings, try to book your car well in advance to get more options and also chances of getting well-maintained cars increases. Even, few car rental services did not entertain last moment bookings. You can simply visit to check the variety of different makes and models offered by different Car Rental Companies.

Security Deposit:

Security deposit is the amount, car rental companies charges along with booking amount. It is a refundable deposit company keep while the car is on booking and refund back once the booking is completed by you. Security Deposit amount varies from 0 to Rs.6000 for normal cars, while it goes to 50k for Luxurious Cars depends on different self drive company policies.

Support and Car condition:

While considering the Customer Experience, I would personally suggest Zoomcar, Mychoize, and Revv as these companies are a bit professional with their services. Cars are in good condition and the crew is also helpful. To get a better understanding of how to Book a Zoomcar, you can refer to the link.



*Few companies consider Friday-Sunday as a weekend, while others consider Friday in weekdays category.

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