Difference between Rental Cars and Taxis

We are going forward with the taxis and the cab culture in today’s time. But the Rental Car Industry has leaped to a great success providing a sustainable transportation mode to the urban population. Pointing out the difference between rental cars and taxis is not easy as they both have their own advantages. Still, one can prioritize their needs and select the one among the two options.

Rental Cars are more preferable to the youngsters

It has been surveyed that the contribution of the youth in the growth or Rental Car industry is prominent. Rental Cars provide the option of self-drive which attracts a lot of young-adult population. There are several Rental Car services that provide cars for self-drive like Zoomcar, Mychoize, Myles, Revv, and Voler.

  • Rental Cars are easily available and have the best options. You can choose from a basic sedan to luxury and SUV cars based on your needs and the number of people travelling from Zoomcar and many others. Whether you want to go on a road trip or explore your city you will get a wide variety of options handy.
  • Privacy is another feature that interests many customers. Being working round the clock we just have time on weekends or holidays to spend with our loved ones. Since you are self-driving you can freely talk and discuss things without having anyone prying on your conversations.
  • How many times have you told your driver to slow down during tours? Drivers work on a very low wage and in order to earn money, they exhaust themselves too much. Chances are sometimes they might lose control behind the wheel. You can see how safer it becomes with the option of Rental Car.
  • Roaming around freely is another pro that comes with rental cars. You will not have to move quickly because of your fussy driver and you can even leave the places later than you planned. Because you are self-driving you do not have to deal with the running meter.
  • You do not have to get worried about your car getting issues or breaking down somewhere. Rental car companies like Zoomcar provide you with a fully serviced and damage insured car. They are reliable and there is no headache of the car repair cost unless any physical payable damage occurred during booking.
  • Cost-effectiveness is also a major pro of using rental cars. Even though they are new in the market, rental cars have proven to be economical. That is because they charge you on their hourly rates. Zoomcar offers to re-pay the fuel cost if you have refilled somewhere on your booking. Hiring a car from Zoomcar for 24 hours approximately costs 1700 bucks.
  • Rental Self-Drive Car services like Zoomcar, Mychoize, Myles, Revv, and Voler have all India permit. If you plan to detour and go somewhere further in the middle of your journey, it will be hassle-free. You will just have to make payment of addon billing amount and start exploring further.


Local Taxi Operator v/s Self-DriveCar CategoryDurationDistanceAdditional Fuel CostTotal Estimated Fare
TaxiCompact-Sedan24 hours600 kmfuel cost included5400/-
ZoomcarCompact-Sedan24 hours600kmFuel cost reimbursed by Zoomcar5640/-
MychoizeCompact-Sedan24 hours600 km
(unlimited km)
Fuel cost 2900/-1910+2900=4810/-

Estimated Fare Calculations

Self-drive rental cars like Zoomcar and Mychoize require refundable security deposit whereas taxi services do not demand any kind of such deposits.

Road trip with a Chauffeur drove Taxi

Hiring a taxi for your road trip is also a good option and has its own set of advantages.

  • When you hire a chauffeur driven taxi you are exempting yourself from driving. That means you can get rest in the taxi even if you did not sleep well the previous night. You can begin your trip anytime you prefer. Instead of waiting for Saturday morning, you can leave Friday night for your road trip.
  • Having a chauffeur driven taxi lets you enjoy the beautiful sceneries that you encounter on your way without being alert and penetrating eyes on the roads. 
  • When you hire a taxi, there are chances that the driver might be familiar with the route. This will work in your favor as they can take you to exclusive spots on the way. They will double up as a guide and will patiently explain the legends and customs of a particular place to you. They can also make you get discounts for buying souvenirs.
  • Hiring a taxi for your road trip will cost more than the rental cars because they charge you depending on the distance and the type of road you are traveling on. A one-way trip will cost you as much as the whole two-way journey because of the fuel charges and driver’s cost. You can estimate to pay around 1800 bucks for an 8 hour trip for a non-ac car.
  • Some chauffeur driven cars do not have all India permit so you might have to think before making a sudden detour.


Having known the difference between the Rental cars and the taxis, you can now make your own pick.



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