Difference between Zoomcar and other Rental Car Services

Zoomcar has become a prominent provider of self-drive rental car services in India. There are several other rental car services but Zoomcar has given all of them a tough competition. Zoomcar makes your road trips hassle-free and comfortable with a self-drive of your choice. Zoomcar has everything from Swift, Amaze, Ecosport, and Fortuner to BMW series. Zoomcar provides services mainly in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad total accounting to 29 cities across India. And, Cherry to the cake is providing pick up and drop facility at 17 Airport Terminals.

What makes Zoomcar different?

Zoomcar competes directly with global companies like Avis, Hertz, and ORIX. The difference between Zoomcar and these MNCs is that Zoomcar has exclusively declared itself as a self-drive company. While these companies focus mainly on leasing their fleet to the corporate companies and chauffeur drove services. There are several other rental car services like Myles, Mychoize, Revv, Volercar and selfdrives.in.

Why people of Mumbai make Zoomcar their premier choice when it comes to road trips?

Mumbai holds a prominent place in the tourism industry. There are several places around Mumbai filled with natural beauty to explore. Reasons why Mumbaikar prefer Zoomcar:

  • Rental options are easy. You can rent on hour, day or month basis.
  • Free fuel makes it a go-to option.
  • All-India permits for its vehicles.
  • Provides the best support, available 24*7 to help their customers.
  • Vehicles are conveniently available with Zoomcar centres located in Kandivali, Thane, Kharghar, Andheri, and Vashi. Also, Zoomcar comes with a chargeable pickup and drop off facility at your preferred location.

Eligibility criteria to use Zoomcar

One must be of 18 years of age and above with a valid Light Motor Vehicle Indian License or valid international driver’s license. One must not have any alcohol or drug-related driving violations in the past years. For premium SUVs and luxury cars, minimum age eligibility is 24 years.

Services provided by Zoomcar

To start Zooming, you have to just signup or login to Zoomcar’s website or mobile app.

  • Easy Booking:

You have to log in or sign up to the app and upload your driving license. Have to pay a refundable security deposit of 5000/- at the time of booking. If you are booking days before your journey, you can pay the security deposit 24 hours prior to commencing your journey. While the Booking fee has to be paid at the time of blocking the car for particular Booking period.

  • Easy Access through App:

You need to search and book a car of your choice, nearest to your location suggested via the app or the site.  You will be given details of your car 2 hours prior to your booking time. You can navigate to the car and unlock it via Zoomcar app. Thanks to Zoomcar’s seamless technologies KLE and Cadabra. You just have to fill the start checklist in the app and collect keys from the glove box. Just fill the end checklist to complete your trip while returning the car by parking at the same location and dropping the keys into car’s glovebox.

  • Easy Availability:

You can plan your road trip anytime you want. Zoomcar provides you with cars at the hourly, monthly and daily basis. You are only allowed to book if you need the vehicle for 4 or more. Because there are so many cars in the fleet, you can book a Zoomcar even minutes before your trip commencement. This has made unplanned spontaneous road trips possible.

  • No Fuel Cost:

No matter what package you choose, Zoomcar refunds all the expenses you incurred for refilling the fuel tank. You have to upload the receipts of fuel bills at the end of your trip during end checklist on Zoomcar App for reimbursements.

  • Return the vehicle:

You have to return the car to the same location from where you picked up before your journey ends. Dropping the car off to a different location or after the end time of your journey will cost you further penalties calculated hourly.

  • Safety and damage:

In the situation of a vehicle, breakdown Zoomcar stays 100% committed to offering you all the assistance that you need. Also, all Zoomcar vehicles are covered under bumper to bumper insurance making the customer liable to pay a mere fees of Rs. 10,000 as a penalty during high-intensity accidents caused by the customer. Damage charges for a single scratch on a car are as low as Rs. 500/-

  • One way trips:

Zoom Hop gives you the freedom to drive from point A to point B, one city to the other, without worrying about bringing the car back to the same city you started from. They provide you with the freedom of picking the car from one city and dropping it to the other. This helps you in hassle-free planning a one-way road trip between two cities, and enjoy the stay. This is the most innovative and flexibility offered by Zoomcar. Currently, this facility is available between a few cities. Zoomcar Hop prices are taken into consideration your need for travelling one way. Will not obligate you to pay for both ways!

Here is a list of cities from you can avail Zoomcar Hop for a one-way self-drive:

Pick Up CityDrop CityPick Up CityDrop City
  • Airport Pick up/Drop Services:

You want to start your trip as soon as you land at the airport. Congratulations! Now Zoomcar provides you with the option of starting your trip directly from the airport. An executive will deliver the car to the airport and you are good to go. Also, can drop off or hand over the car back at the airport itself before your departure. Zoomcar provides it’s airport pick up a facility at 17 Airport terminals across India.

  • Payment:

One of the most important features of Zoomcar is the payment procedure. The calculation is simple and includes an hourly charge of the vehicle + the amount per km driven depending on the car model. The cost shown with options includes all taxes and GST. You can book a car by just paying the booking fees at the time of Booking and pay the refundable security deposit prior to 24hrs of Booking commencing time.

Zoomcar's Hourly Rental Plan
Car CategoryRental Plans/Free kmsHourly Rental without FuelHourly Rental with Fuel
weekdayweekendLeast RentalHighest RentalweekdayweekendLeast RentalHighest Rental
HatchbacksLite/5km45-50/-95-100/-Figo/ TiagoSwift65-75/-115-125/-Figo/ Tiagoi20/Jazz
SUVLite/5km65-95/-115-210/-ScorpioXUV 500/ Hexa95-225/-140-345/-EcosportEndeavour

I’ll advise considering Zoomcar’s packages according to free kms, rather than duration offered. Else, you will end up paying much more for a booking due to high excess kms charges.

There are 3 packages offered by Zoomcar: Zoom lite (free 5 km/hr), Zoom Classic (free10 km/hr) and Zoom XL (free 15 km/hr).

How do the damage charges apply?

In a situation of any damage to the car during Booking period, the customer is liable to pay the complete cost of repairing up to 10000/-. The penalty differs according to the category of damage. The damages are categorized as a single scratch, multiple scratches, dents, minor and major damages and the penalties are charged accordingly. In case of an accident or major damage, Zoomcar charges a penalty of max up to 10000/-. The amount is deducted from the deposit and the remaining is to be paid by the customer. While a single scratch will cost you 500 bucks.

Zoom Commute

Adding to its self-drive rental services, Zoomcar has started the new concept of Zoom Commute for daily commuters to travel to their offices. To avoid the hassle of Booking the car daily. They provide Zoomcar for a week that includes fuels, insurance and taxes like their regular packages starting as low as 560/- per day. Currently, this service is available in a few metro cities. The cars are available for 5 days a week from 8 pm Sunday to 8 pm coming Friday. Cars are available with two options of 150 and 300 kms.

ZAP (Zoomcar Associate Program)

Zoomcar has come up with another feature that is ZAP subscribe where you can get a car ownership on a subscription basis for a fixed tenure.

  • There is zero down-payment. You have to pay 18,999/- per month which is much less if we consider the EMI and down-payment together.
  • Limited damage liability is another feature where you have to pay maximum 10000/- in case of a damage. No car insurance is needed to pay. So no damage implies zero additional cost.
  • Zoomcar offers the ZAP subscription with 4 tenure options of 6,12,18 and 24 months. An Associate can abort any tenure on a notice period of 30 days.
  • You do not have to pay any maintenance cost. This is included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • You can choose any car for your next tenure. You do not have to stick to your first choice till the end.
  • You have 8000 km for personal use apart from the listing period, under ZAP subscription. Exceeding 8000 kms for a moth’s personnel will result in extra charges of Rs.1/km.

The best feature of ZAP subscription is that one can list their subscribed car for rent on Zoomcar’s platform to generate revenue out of it when the vehicle is not in use. Zoomcar shares 75% of the revenue generated on a Booking and Fuel consumed during the Booking is levied on the Associate.

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