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Why to Fly when you have a pace to Drive

Road-trip Guideline is a need. Why to flutter, Why to float? when you are here to control your wheels on this beautiful land. Yes i am talking about the road trips, don’t get panic before starting any adventure because if you don’t know where are you going, any road will take you to your desired destination. You have an idea in your mind, that much pace you have in you, and a destination to reach. Yes, then What are you waiting for! Ready, Get Set and Go.

“Some beautiful paths cannot be travelled without getting lost  EROL OZAN 

Many of us have driven in India and enjoyed the road trips across different countries from India. Do you people feel that you have traveled without any guideline?Did you miss it? Yes you have not make a proper planning about a road trip. You people just carried it and said to yourselves; Oh Man, Go with the flow and reach the destination. I thought to write a complete comprehensive guideline in order to make you people happy and satisfied before starting any trip. You need not to worry about situations you may have to tackle during your weekend road trips.

1.1 Come on!Choose your side first on the Road

Where are your seat belts? Put them against your shoulders and enjoy the beautiful beginning of road trip. The question is what side should i choose before driving on road?It is sometimes difficult to choose which side to take when you are driving and cars are coming from all directions. Relax and don’t panic. If you are on the left side of the Driver’s seat then you should drive on the left side of the road.

1.2 How to Deal with Bad Roads

Keep that thing in your minds, you are going to start a road trip and you may have to face different potholes on Indian Highways or in other countries. You should know how to drive safely in this situation without getting panic. During Road trips, don’t forget to follow the signboards as they are for your convenience bro. Follow your map also along with these signboards. Slow down your cars where you feel it is now dangerous to drive fastly. You should love the speed breakers and barricades in order to cope these situations.

1.3 Should i follow the Traffic Guideline?

Yes Dude, You are a patriotic citizen of your country and you have to prove it to other countries where are you going. Follow rules and regulations, Speed limits, you should know which side to follow accordingly with the situation. When everything will be smooth and okay you would definitely feel like you are on an exciting journey. Go with your own pace but Keep the instructions with you and follow them where ever you go.


1.4. Which things should i carry

Again, be ready for the unexpected, a crucial part of a road trip! Here’s a fundamental set of stuff you need to have:

  • Battery

If you are traveling on a long road, You come outside may be due to some reason. May be You are lost completely, you look up to the sky and lost all hopes. In this case, don’t look at your mobile flashlight as a substitute of Die hard batteries. You can now find your path on a long long road alone.

  • First Aid Box

Yeah we know we can never control injuries, accidents may happen. Can’t control but you can cure. You are on a long road trip with your wife and kids and one of them gets injured. You need a Dr. ? No during a long journey, you are a Dr. and You are a traveler. All you need is just a small box. Yes i am talking about your first aid Kit. Where is your first aid box? Be a strong Dr. and heal your kid’s little injury by following these road-trip guidlines.

  • Road Helpline numbers

You are moving to other international countries and you never know about the sudden circumstances. It is a better approach to take a copy of all the helpline numbers of different countries you are moving towards.  You can also take the number of nearest police stations also that come in your road trips. This is the safety guideline which might help you at any time.

  • Puncture Tool Kit

Foot pump & Point repair kit-Option for a sturdy foot pump compared with a flimsy electric pump on the market. Puncture repair kit should be provided for a tubeless pump also. As a long road trip traveler these are the necessary things you should carry with you.

  • Icebox

On every trip this is a true blessing. I don’t trust the drinking water packaged on the roadside Dhabas and it is difficult to locate water, or even packaged, in the inner areas of the nation. Whenever you’ll stop in a hotel check-in and request that they maintain ice and a few cold water bottles ready. It’s always working.

  • GPS Tracker

This is a key component of your journey. Most smartphones have built-in navigation systems these days. If you’re planning to use yours, you’ll need to purchase a dashboard mount and a car charger as it drains the phone battery fairly rapidly while navigating for lengthy hours.

1.5. Manage Your Driving Hours

You get on, what you focus so focus on where are you going dude. Managing your drive time in the first step is the goal to turn your ride more smooth and unadventurous. Guys kill all the fears, Drive when you are active and in mood. My personal rule is that a road trip should have no more than 25 percent of the driving time, i.e. if your road trip is for 7 days (168 hours), it should have a driving time of no more than 42 hours at most. You can distribute your driving time as you like, alternating between long and short spells or a very long spell before taking a day off.

1.6. Your Car is Ready?

Get your car serviced properly before starting a long journey. You should know about the roads before you hit the highway. To fine-tune your trip accordingly, you must educate the service station about your grand plans. Get some useful tips from them and like I do, don’t forget to grab a couple of spare fuses from them on your way out. Don’t understand what it’s like? Talk to them! Also, while you ‘re on the road, hit a service center at the first sign of trouble from your ride. Take no chances on unknown territory.

1.7. Stop, See the Toll plazas

You can come across different check posts and toll plaza’s while you are on a road-trip. Make sure you are having enough cash to pay on these toll plazas. Change comes very useful at all times.

1.8. Yeah Clear Your self and Car

Every country has its own rules and regulations. You are another state, you might face different new things related to documentations.  far as police check posts are concerned, it is no secret that if you are driving a car registered in another state, you may be subject to a lot of checks. Make sure all your documents, including your driving license, registration, vehicle insurance and controlled pollution (PUC) certificate, are valid and updated.

1.9. Save you Fuel

A debatable point, but I’m against carrying any gasoline / diesel in the car’s containers or canisters. Use a strong canister with a tight seal and not ancient packaged water bottles, if absolutely necessary. When you stop and add a fire extinguisher to the equipment list, don’t leave it in the car. If you enter the interiors, collect data about the closest petrol pumps. This is very essential; miss one, and in the center of nowhere you may find yourself stranded. Don’t wait for the fuel indicator to hit the Empty mark. Top up the tank whenever the fuel needle is at 10-20 per cent.

1.10. Night and Drive?Yes or No

You want to drive but at nights? Do you completely about the highways? You have all safety measures with you? Yes then why not dude, DO DRIVE AT NIGHT. Enjoy driving at night, particularly in hilly regions. But usually it should be prevented until and unless you understand very well the highways.

1.11. Map your Journey

Hey peeps! As i have already discussed in my previous articles about the road trip plans. You can visit

Stop going without planning. Before starting a new journey, open google maps, see the weather conditions and your destination properly. Open before a trip and chalk the path on it because it provides a general perspective of the journey as well as a tough driving time for every day.


1.12. Be aware of the navigation systems

Do not depend entirely on the navigation system to get you somewhere, a word of caution against the above point. My private experience is that when away from larger, more organized towns, the kinds of highways, distance, time of arrival and traffic circumstances are relatively irregular. Double check routes with local people and don’t think you’re running late just because your travel time doesn’t match the navigation system’s length.

1.13. Prebook Hotels

This is a bad thing when you enter into a new state with your friends or family and you have not booked hotels. Always try to prebook your hotels. Use to get your rooms booked before starting a road-trip.


ALWAYS follow the laws of traffic and road-trip guideline. Enjoy your trip and don’t let it be ruined by poor drivers. .

You are not a good driver so you should need to know about maps and roads, climate changes and weather forecasts. Be safe, enjoy the quality time with your friends and family .







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