a road trip to BHUTAN and NEPAL

Take your Life as a JOY:

Life always gives you chances to explore the new world. To go alone or with friends and family is the pleasant sensation ever. Broad, Wholesome and cherishable views of people and things will give an extra charm on your faces. You don’t need to be much rich to travel across the world because here you have a chance to fulfil your desire by travelling through roads in a nominal budget. Yes! You are right. I m talking about Road trips from India. You can make different road trips from India via Road. If you want to enter specifically BHUTAN and NEPAL, I will tell you the details you need not worry about.

a thing of beauty is a Joy forever-Bhutan

Road Trip To BHUTAN:

Do you want to enter BHUTAN? You don’t have sufficient budget? Are you worried about your journey? Take a long breath man! Here is a chance to throw your fears away. Let’s decide and make a plan.

You can enter BHUTAN at a relatively low cost. You can reach there from India through Bus or via Train. Most people from India living in Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore travel to BHUTAN via road.

Moving From Kolkata:

You can leave (Kolkata)India and set off towards BHUTAN(Phuentsholing), you will have to travel a distance of 708 km.

Moving From Delhi:

You can reach BHUTAN from Delhi but it will take one day because the distance from Delhi to Bhutan is 1600 km.

Three Towns Give You a chance:

BHUTAN welcomes people from India. Three different towns which make the route from India towards BHUTAN. These towns allow people to reach there safely and easily.

  • Phuentsholing
  • Gelephu
  • Samdrup Jongkhar
  1.   1. Reach Bhutan via Phuentsholing:

Phuentsholing is considered as the most popular town because Thimphu and Paro(principal cities) are located nearer to this town.

The border town of Phuentsholing

Reach Phuentsholing via train:

Go from Bagdogra:

You want to reach Phuentsholing and you are finding different ways to reach here? You need not to be panic.Here i give you the whole guide of your trip. The nearest town with an international airport is Bagdogra. It is at 170 km from Phuentsholing. You can reach Bagdogra first through a flight of half an hour. You can also reach there via bus. You can take a cab and reach Siliguri. Siliguri is at a distance of 17 km from Bagdogra.

drive from Bagdogra to Phuentsholing

When you enter Bagdogra, buses at cheap rates can take you towards Phuentsholing. The time of the last bus which arrives at Bagdogra for Phuentsholing is 3 PM. This will be a cheap journey towards Phuentsholing. You can also take a cab directly from the airport and reach Phuentsholing in an amount of 2500 RS which can be expensive for you peeps if you are travelling alone not in a group.

away to Phuentsholing
  • Go from Hasimara:

You want this journey more interesting and memorable. Take your favourite meals with you and share it with other people you meet during your whole journey. Hasimara is the railway station which is at a distance of 17 km from Phuentsholing. You can reach Bagdogra and can catch any rickshaw, cab to reach New Jalpaiguri Junction(NJP).

You can take a train from this Junction to Hasimara. From Hasimara you can easily take a taxi and reach Phuentsholing. You must be aware of train arrival and departure timings. If a train does not come on proper time even then you have to make a paper plan rather than getting panic and bored.

    2. Reach Bhutan via Gelephu:

If you always follow the same path and you get tired of watching the same roads and junctions. It’s not an end of your journeys dude. Come on! get up and let’s change your way. Do you want to enter BHUTAN from east India like Guwahati? Let’s go! pack your luggage and move on towards Indian border where Gelephu is located. You can reach easily by Assam.

cross-border Gelephu

Once you’ve reached Gelephu, you can take a shared taxi and reach Thimphu. It will take 11 hrs to reach Thimphu which is called the capital of BHUTAN.

    3. Reach Bhutan Samdrup Jongkhar:

The capital city of Assam is Guwahati. Samdrup is at a distance of 150 k from Guwahati. It will take a maximum time of 3 hrs to reach Guwahati. Many small districts will come in your way while going towards Thimphu(Capital of BHUTAN). It will take three days to reach Thimphu from Guwahati.

Stay in touch with an Immigration office:

These places are considered as sensitive and prone to attacks, special permissions are required for entering in these towns. When you plan for a journey, make sure you have contact with the immigration office in order to cope with any strange situation.

Before travelling, do remember to take the actual permits and photocopy of this with you. Maybe you can be asked in every check post while moving in between the country. If you have not taken permission, you can be charged a huge fine. It’s better to follow all the rules and conditions before going on a road trip.

Documents and Permits for a trip:

Are you a rebel? You don’t follow the rules and regulations about road trips in your country, then definitely you are Dude. No, you’re not! let’s take a long breathe and take all possible permissions from known authorities in BHUTAN.

Trip Extension:

You’ve gotta plan of one week but you are tired of your daily routine and want to spend more time. Do you want to release your fatigue? come on! get up Man and fill out the form and submit it with the photocopy of the permit in order to prolong your trip in Thimphu. You can get permission after verification.

Restricted Areas:

If any of the place in BHUTAN is called as restricted due to roadblock or any other emergency in the country, permits could be denied but you ca it again if you are still in contact with the immigration office.

How lucky you are:

Immigration office will give priority to its tourists, you will have to wait for hours and hours in a queue like a hungry exhausted tourist. You will get the form again in max 30 min so how lucky you are?? it’s up to you.

Being a Solo Woman traveller Stay Lionhearted:

if you are a woman and you make a plan to extend your trip. Don’t get panic. You are brave enough to show a hand to the dangers, Lady!! Cheer up and stay plucky and lionhearted. You can come to the immigration officer’s desk. After inquiry and some general questions, you will be provided with the trip extension form.

Best Time to visit BHUTAN:

Are You looking for the best months to visit:

Winter starts hugging BHUTAN after the month of September. This is the best time to take your paper and make a road trip plan. The best months to visit Bhutan are September, October and November. These are the months when you can feel the real joy coming out of yourselves.

The best seasons in which you can visit Bhutan are Spring and Fall. When flowers bloom and when leaves change their colour. This is the time when you really enjoy the taste of nature and can feel yourself in Paradise.

Another best time to visit Bhutan is during their religious festivals. Believe me, it will give you tremendous knowledge about their tradition and norms. You will learn many things from these festivals.

Paro Taktsang A Temple To Visit: 

Hey Indians!! You are in BHUTAN. You can worship in the the temple located in BHUTAN. Here is a chance to do religious things even if you are out of INDIA.


National Museum To visit:

The cultural museum located in town Paro. Don’t waste your energy in moving here and there, Take your children with you and show them a culture of BHUTAN.

Road Trip To Nepal:

Hotels You can Stay in:

You are in Bhutan? Worry about your stay?? Feel good and lets have a brig friends and your look towards the eye catching hotels of BHUTAN. You can field many hotels from Phuentsholing to the capital city here. You can book hotels with your


  • 2500 INR
  • 1300-1500 in off season

Road Trip To Nepal:

See Another side:


You are tired of daily routine? Do you need some change in your life? You are sick of watching the same things again and again. Here is a chance to mould your boredom into an adventurous and magical journey. Yes!! I am talking about a trip and this time You will see another side of this world which is NEPAL.

If you are an Indian citizen, you need not worry about any visa to enter Nepal when you are travelling by road. You need a valid passport and Voter ID only if you are travelling via aeroplane towards NEPAL.

Overview of Distance:

  • Distance from Delhi to Kathmandu is 1124 km.
  • Distance from Delhi to Pokhara is 1049 km.
  • Distance from Delhi to Sunauli border is 860 km.
  • Estimated time is 20-23 hours.

 1.Road from Delhi to Kathmandu:

Delhi Transport Corporation has launched a direct service to travel from India towards NEPAL. It’s not much difficult to enter Nepal from India however it needs long hours and will be a long journey.

2.Road from Varanasi to Kathmandu:

If you will follow this route, you will reach Kathmandu by bus or a train in a time less than from Delhi to Nepal.

3.By Crossing Sunauli Border:

The biggest busiest Indian-Nepal border is Sunauli Border. Majority People go from India to Nepal through this border to Bhairahawa in central NEPAL. It can be reached from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Here you can get different connections for Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini.

Reach Kathmandu from Gorakhpur via train or bus

4.By Crossing Raxaul Border:

Do you want to cross this border? you can do it from Patna Bihar. This is the best possible way for anyone who is travelling from Bodh Gaya or Kolkata. Trains are available which can directly take you from Kolkata or Bodh Gaya to grim Raxaul. It will eat your 16 hours from Kolkata but it will take less time from Bodh Gaya. The best approach you can take is to travel from Bodh Gaya in 13 hrs.

Once you reach the border, Take a Bus or a taxi and reach Kathmandu in maximum 7 hours. You can reach Pokhara in 8 hours. The best Vehicle is a shared jeep which can take you to the desired destination in a minimum time of 5 hours.

5.By Crossing Panitanki Border:

You are taking a ride on your own car, Don’t worry take your meal with you, have some snacks and cross the border with no worres. This border is accessible from Siliguri in the west of Bengal. It is reached by crossing Kakarbhitta in eastern NEPAL. Most of the people take advantage of travelling from Darjeeling, Kolkata and Sikkim including North India.

You can cross the border anytime during 24 hrs. You can reach Pohara in 15 hrs from Kakarbhitta. You can reach Kathmandu in maximum 14 to 16 hours on your own car.

India-Nepal Kakarbhitta border crossing

Ohh You want Some Rest!

Chitwan National Park is the famous park in this area. You can take a rest at Sauraha which is nine hours from Kakarbhitta then you can visit the park easily from this nearest town. Enjoy your Dayand spend your time in this park.

6.By Crossing Banbasa Border:

If you want to cross NEPAL from India in the west, Cross the border at Banbasa in Uttarakhand. It is the easiest and sharper route from Delhi to Kathmandu. Nepali side of the border is called Mahendra Nagar. It will take a long time to reach here. You can reach Banbasa from Bareilly, Rudrapur and Haldwani in Uttarakhand in maximum three hours  on your on personal vehicles. The best way to go from from Mahendranagar to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

banbasa border

Let’s have a break, please!

Bardia National Park is a famous park in this way. You can get off at Ambassa which is five hours away from Mahendranagar. You can go to Thakurdwara from here which is the closest village to the park. You can stop your cars and visit the beautiful source of amusement. You can refresh your minds and your souls in a very natural way.

Bardia National Park

Enjoy Nepal’s Traditional Rice:

Hey, Folks!! Do justice with your tummies. Take a look at the nearest restaurant and eat well. Fill your tummies here before moving on and on.

Nepal-Fried Rice A tradition

7.By Crossing other Borders:

you cannot all those borders? You are out of way?? Don’t worry, you can touch the hilly mountains of Nepal. You can see the real beauty of Nepal and its people. You can other cross borders. They are open to all the tourists from INDIA.

  • Jamunaha in Uttar Pradesh to Nepalganj in western NEPAL.
  • Gauriphanta in Uttar Pradesh to Dhanghandi in far western NEPAL.

These are the borders which are rarely used by the tourists. Janakpur, Biratnagar and Ilam are other non-official borders which are often rarely used.

Fly Over Himalayas:

Above the iconic mountains of the Himalayas in Nepal. Feel like you are on top of the world. Choose a Morning plan and spend your day well on Mount Everest peak and Himalayas. Come on! Don’t waste this time and make a plan towards the stunning sky touching mountains.

Other Places to visit in NEPAL:

  • Boudhanath Stupa
  • poon Hill
  • Anapurna mountain

These are the beautiful spots you can visit with your friends and family whenever you are making your journey plan for Nepal.

Swayambhunath(Monkey Temple)

Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) is the second important shrine in Kathmandu after Bodnath stupa. It is a beautiful Place to visit if your going from road from India to Kathmandu, Do stop at this shrine and see What is the best thing in this temple. Due to the resident monkeys habitat here this temple is named as Monkey temple. This would be the most beautiful temple you people would love to visit.



Documents and Permits:

To Prove citizenship:

  • You need a passport
  • A voter I-card
  • You need a driving licence
  • You need an I-card issued by the Government
  • You need an issue letter from Nepalese Embassy

Documents for your vehicle:

  • You need a registration certificate of vehicle
  • Your driving licence
  • You need Custom permits
  • You need vehicle permits

Road Trips Will Fulfill Your Dreams:

Many of us are keen lovers of Mountains, snowy areas. Here is a chance to give your eyes and your heart the things which they want. This can turn your dreams true. You can take a road trip from India to Nepal and Bhutan through those routes which contain hilly, stunning areas. I am damn sure, it will give you the best part of your life. You can see the real Joy in the beauty of mountains through these roads. Don’t Miss a chance to visit these two beautiful countries. It plays an important role in connecting India with these two countries in a better way. It gives a chance to Indian tourists to explore the tradition, culture and the hidden beauty of these two countries.






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