RoadTrip To Afghanistan, Uzbikestan and Tajikistan From India

Make Your Vacations Adventourous!

We travel not to escape life but  for life not to escape us”

Let’s Explore The World with Us:

You are born independent. You have a freedom to explore whatever you want, whatever you desired to visit its the real time to fulfill your dreams. Get rid off from all the tensions, boredom and work loads, make a plan with your friends, family and life partners. Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to leave everything?? You just want to relax, you want to sett off your cars on a long and long journey just for your mental and internal satisfaction?? Yes, You might be gone through these situations dude. You are a normal person and you need change in your life. Come on, lets move and fulfill the needs of your heart as it desired. Let’s explore the world via roads as you wanted to and save your money with huge expenses using air flights.

Travel to Afganistan:

Afghanistani people say”khusamadeed” to the travellors come in Afghanistan from India and welcomes them with open heart. Afghanistan is a charismatic country. It has been heart of many empires. people here are very hospitable. Afghanistan is called sometimes the “ land of deserts“.

Best Cities and Places To visit are:

  • Herat
  • Mizar-i-Sharif
  • Old Balkh
  • Samangan
  • Kabul, Bamiyan
  • Qargha Lake
  • Babur Gardens Mosque
  • Darul aman palace
    • (Band-e-Amer)
    • (Panjshir Valley)


This is the most stunning place i have ever seen. You can go there, can have camping on the grounds. The views there are absolutely mind blowing.You’ll gonna enjoy. Visit this beautiful place as a camping trip with your family and friends.


Bamiyan Valley:

The scenery is really gorgeous and you can get a chance to see what life is like for locals there. The beautiful and huge mountains set against the wheat and potato fields are absolutely magical. People of this area are really friendliest. If you are planning a roadtrip to India, don’t miss a chance to visit this beautiful valley. Its charm and real attractiveness gives a hug to its vistors.


Mizar sharif

Qargha Lake:

it a glimpse of Paradise in Kabul. If you are visiting Kabul with your friends and family it is the beautiful place for tea and relaxing. This lake is breathtaking and gives a beautiful view of Sunset.

Qargha Lake-Kabul


you can visit beautiful mosque, antique bazars, can vist the resturants and after this you can go to the castle there and take breathe in the open cool nad calm enviromement. Don;t spend a day witout visiting this Qala Ikhtyaruddin Citadel.


Qala Ikhtyaruddin Citadel

How Far I am:

India is located around 4998 KM away from the country Afghanistan at a driving distance, if you are riding your own car consistently at a speed of 112 km you people can easily reach Afghanistan in 44 hours approximately.

Best Time for an adventure:

The best time to visit Afghanistan is  in spring or in autumn. Suitable months are April to June or from September to October.North Afghanistan contains deserts and hilly areas.

How To Reach:

Are you are in Tajikistan? Have you seen the cultural norms, values and beautiful places of Tajikistan?Do You want to proceed? Take a breathe and relax.You are much closer to city Afghanistan. Tajikistan is in India’s extended neighborhood, it can be called as India’s gateway to central Asia. Wakhan Corridor1( a narrow territory) separates India from Tajikistan.We can reach Tajikestan from this border.This is called CAR BORDER between India, Afghanistan and China.



A small boundary exists between India and Afghanistan. We can say India shares a border with Afghanistan.

Documents you require:

  • International driving license.
  • Special permits are needed.
  • Copy of Credit card.
  • Currency exchange slips.
  • Keep IDP (International Driving Permit).


Travel to Uzbekistan:

Why You would Love To Visit Uzbekistan??

India and Uzbekistan shares cultural and historical norms with each other. Their dance, music ,cultural values overlaps in many ways with each other i must say. You are planning for a road trip and you want to see your culture’s snapshots?Uzbekistan is the best place to visit.It is situated nearer to India.You can easily reach there dude worrying much. We people have  heard about Babar and Taimur. Babar was the Emperor hailed from Afghanistan and  founded Indian Dynasty in Uzbekistan.

Best  Places To visit are:

You are adventurous?? Need some fun? Planning for hiking? Yes you can do it. Southern part of Uzbekistan is very mountainous. There are some great high peaks for people in search of a more challenging course. Easier hikes can be done on foothills. Best places are:

  • Samarkand
  • Bukhara
  • Nucus
  • Khiva
  • Tashkent




If you are traveling this country and you missed to visit Kirghistan, You are at a great loss. You will miss the peaceful nomads around the hilly mountains. The beauty of this country is waiting for you attention to make it more admirable and cool place for all the travelers from all over the world.


At Nukus which is the North west of Khiva, visitors can witness tragic remnants of the Aral Sea. A visit to this beautiful desolate sharply contrasts elsewhere in the country.



City of breads” and the loveliest people welcomes you with a delightful smile. You ca see attractive places mosques, churches, madrases, parks and zoo here.



Best Food:

Knowing The term “Healthy Tummy makes the brain to work efficiently“.Uzbekistan’s Food are similar to Indian food which includes Kebab, shashlik, Chicken, Beef, Curries etc.Vegetarian people can eat Nan, cucumber and tomato recipes.

Best People:

They are very caring, cooperative and loving people.

Uzbek people love Indian Movies, dramas and music.

Uzbek Ladies

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Afghanistan is  in winters. 

A Road-Trip:

It is an interesting revelation about Uzbekistan that it becomes snowy in January.It is a better option to visit this country in these month to make your trip more adventurous.Grab your bags and take out a paper. Bring smiles on your faces,this is the best to plan an adventurous trip for this beautiful country. It takes the same time to move from Delhi To Tashkent as it takes from Delhi To Colombo. You are on your Car?? Make a plan of a week, stay in Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand.


Documents you require:

  • International driving license
  • Special permits are needed
  • Copy of Credit card.
  • Currency exchange slips
  • Keep IDP (International Driving Permit)


Travel to Tajikistan:

You are in Afghanistan or in Uzbekistan?? Don’t turn your cars back dude.Tajikistan is the smallest country sandwiched between Afghanistan and China. It has borders overlapping with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.This is best chance to visit the nearest country nearer to it. Recent developments has attracted people towards this country.



Best Cities and Places To visit are:

Tajikistan(Roof Of The World). It is blessed with 90% of mountainous area. Travelors can visit this country in any time throughout the year.

  • Dushanbe
  • khujand
  • Murghab
  • Khorugh


Murghab is 220 km from Bulunkul lake, on the highway it took 3.5 hrs with some stops as well. It is one of the best eye taking points in Tajikistan with ponds and fishes having in it.


The lake lies within the National Park, The lake contains islands, Marshes, Wet Meadows, Peat bogs and pebbly and sandy plains. Lake contains many fishes. If you are here in Tajikistan don’t forget to visit this beautiful mind blowing and eye catching lake. It is the best time to visit to this area with your friends and families.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to travel Tajikistan is Summer between June to September.

How To Reach:


ind to tajkistan

The shortest route between India and Tajikistan is approximately 1914.93 miles. The driving time is approximately 38 hrs and 21 minutes.

Tajikistan is in India’s extended neghbourhood, it can be called as India’s gateway to central Asia. Wakkhan Corridor1( a narrow territory) separates India from Tajikistan. We can easily reach Tajikistan through this border. This border is called a CAR BORDER between India, Afghanistan and China as well.

Documents you require:

  • International driving license
  • Special permits are needed
  • Copy of Credit card.
  • Currency exchange slips
  • Keep IDP (International Driving Permit)


Yes You have a  Desire For Wander Lust:

Simulating your desires for wanderlust by showing some of the earth’s marvel. Come on, join hands with us. It’s not the end of this pretty life. You are here to explore this world in several ways. Drive through long and long journeys and make these places to remember your presence with your best attention towards theses countries. Let’s Explore the world with us.














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