Tips and tricks for booking cheap Zoomcars

What is Zoomcar?

Zoomcar rental services.

It is a driverless car rental company based in Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2013 by David Back and Greg Moran. And it operates in 45 countries.

In this case, an electric vehicle is offered.

This company also works with real estate developers, universities, etc. to guarantee the parking of vehicles.

Later, Zoom, Uber and the Ashoka Foundation allied to launch a campaign in Bangalore, with the aim of encouraging car rental and discouraging driving while intoxicated for the benefits of health, the environment and the economy.

It should be noted that Zoom was a member of Microsoft’s Accelerator Plus program in Bangalore in the spring of 2014.

This program was designed to create more personalized assistance for new companies in later stages.

On the other hand, owning a car is a big commitment, so ZAP Subscription offers an option in the public to drive the car for several months and a monthly subscription cost, among other factors.


The best option for renting cars: zoomcar

Cheaper car rental

    • You can rent a car for hours, days, weeks or months.

    • Fuel, insurance and taxes are always included in the rate. Do not worry about this.

    • There are a variety of car brands to choose from.

    • Availability of vehicles at the airport for a smooth trip in a new city.

    Zoomcar Rental Offers:

    • Flexible packages: there are 3 attractive price options, depending on the use and convenience. Each package has a different amount of km. That is, people can choose the package of their preference.
    • Deal shack: You can get a 50% discount on your reservation. These offers are updated daily, so be aware of the latest and the best.
    • Steps to request the Zoomcar service

      • Book: Search for and book a car on our site!
      • Upload license: Upload your driver’s license, and pay a small security deposit.
      • Unlock: They SMS your car details 20 minutes before pickup. Unlock it via the Zoomcar app.
      • ZOOM: Fill the start checklist in the Zoomcar app. Grab the keys from the glove-box and drive.
      • Return: Return the car to the same location and fill the end checklist to end your trip.

      Don’t hesitate any more and contact Zoomcar, it will make your life easier!


      Do you need some tricks for a unique and unforgettable car rental experience?

The trend of now is a car without driver, even, it is the best option, because it does not depend on anyone. For this reason, it has gained a lot of popularity.

It is likely that anyone who is in a country that is visiting, feel the need for a car, because of the places you want to visit. You may also need it because of work issues.

That is why many of these services work through an application model. The only thing you need to know is to choose your car, select the time of arrival and departure, pay the rent and the security deposit. Therefore, I would be ready to start many adventures.

What should you know for a good car rental experience?

  • Choose the ideal car for you:

It is important to choose the right car, since you will use it every day, choose the car with which you feel comfortable. Don’t choose one that is popular and not very comfortable for you.

Others are ideal for driving in cities with low speeds, light steering and smooth operation. Always make sure you choose the right car for all the factors mentioned above.

  • Check!

Before removing the car, check that it is in perfect condition, never get it without first checking it. Always take pictures for tests that later you could use, for legal issues, etc.

Take some time to evaluate the car: tires, fuel, oil and standard accessories before you start using it, so that afterwards there is no problem with the company.

Difference between with fuel and no-fuel bookings

Another very important point is that you should verify the controls, since you could be held liable for the damages you did not cause.

That’s why you should be very aware of the state of the car. Verification is a right and not a crime.

  • Know all the existing permits

Since the cars they currently offer have been registered as commercial vehicles, transit taxes must be paid when crossing state lines. Each provider put this information on their web pages, they are in detail everything you need to know about permits, so that customers are well informed.

Therefore, it’s important to organize the route in advance, plan which states will cross and chech the taxes you must pay before purchasing the car to make the rout.

The client must also look for the details of the toll booths at the points of entry of the state to be lost and occur accidents at the inconvenient level.

  • Always keep the company’s contact!

And after making the reservation through any app, it’s always excellent to keep the numer of the car rental company. This method will be used at the time of emergency, since applications can usually fall on the Internet level.

Therefore, save the number. You can even be more secure, also keep the contact number of the representative who rented you the car.

  • Remote operations: Double-edged sword

As everyone knows, most processes are done remotely with the help of mobile apps, even, sometimes there can be small failures, due to the Internet or any other reason.

After renting the car, you are responsible for keeping it safe. When the car is delivered, it automatically locks up a few minutes later. This is why you should make sure it’s blocked before leaving and notify the support center if that doesn’t happen.

Pending with this point!


Do yo want know in depth about the Zoomcar service? Well, keep reading…

Book Zoomcar in Delhi

As mentioned above, Zoomcar is a car rental service that doesn’t need someone to transport them. In the same way, the conditions of this company will be found according to its official page.

  • Zoomcar vehicles can’t be used for the following:
  1. Merchandise transports.
  2. To do some sport, an adventure, a race or another competitive event.
  3. To cope with the 125km / h infractions. The speed of the vehicle is tracked, you must be careful with this factor to ensure the safety of all Zoomcar members.

  • State border crossing:

Thanks to the All India Permit service, which means that they can be driven anywhere within India, you must pay taxes when crossing the established border, especially at checkpoints in each state.

  • Maximum damage cap:

You must be responsible at the time of a theft or accident with the vehicle, because you must pay for the fact. The Zoomcar insurance takes care of the rest. This is so that it complies with all standard Zoomcar standards and regulations.


Reasons why you should choose the Zoomcar service

Zoomcar is characterized for being a quality service, which keeps honesty ahead. In addition to this, you can drive the car, without depending on someone else.

Fuel and other factors are included in the budget when buying the service, that is, there is no additional amount at the time of returning the car.

In the same way, this is a great service because it has different permits for all the cars they have in their company. Only the customer has to pay the state toll and the entrance taxes, plus nothing. Best? Impossible.

In other words, first think of Zoomcar and then the others. This service offers you everything you deserve.



In conclusion, opting for this method of facility is of great help fot the tourist, because he can know with better precision each place thought, since on foot it would be very difficult to visit all the desired sites.

Car rental, as for example Zoomcar, is extremely comfortable. It provides the client with all kinds of options in terms of car models for the person’s choice and this is added value for the company, because it generates the customer a sense of belonging, trust, among others.

In addition. the company takes advantage of these values, as it can engage the public more effectively.

This type of service will never be a bad idea, because it makes life and travel much easier for society. Therefore, the customer will always be delighted with the experience, as long as the company fulfills its commitments to have an excellent relationship with the person.

If you can lead to a bad experience, then the reputation of the brand to obtain the service will not be taken into account, due to the comments made by the people before the process of the stay with the car.

That is why you should always choose your car in each well and, of course, the best service offered by Zoomcar.

Weekend getaways by Zoomcar in around 300 kms




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