What is Zoomcar’s ZAP Subscribe?

There are many people who dream to buy a car but huge down payments scare the hell out of them. Of course, it does because collectively a lot of money is to be paid. But Zoomcar has come up with the most innovative way of renting cars where you own them. It has been determined that we now believe in getting access rather than preferring ownership. That’s why Zoomcar has launched its new service in order to provide their customers with the feasibility of driving a car without worrying about its maintenance. With ZAP, subscribing a car is like owning them for a fixed tenure.

What is ZAP?

ZAPZoomcar Associate Program is a fractional car sharing program where you can subscribe the cars owned by Zoomcar at a fixed monthly subscription fee. This program has been launched in order to help individuals to own a car without any down payment or EMI issue. The main essence of ZAP subscription is that the customer can own a car who aren’t able to pay heavy down payments for a new car and couldn’t take out time from their occupied lifestyle to get the vehicle maintained.

With ZAP subscribe you can subscribe an almost new car starting from 14999/- and upwards subscription fee depending upon the segment of car you choose. A 12% GST is also applied upon the subscription charges. ZAP subscribe provides you car for tenure options of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

If you already have a car, then ZAP allows you to share your car on Zoomcar platform, when it is idle and helps you generate revenue out of it. Even if you are getting a car from ZAP subscribe, you can easily put them for rent on Zoomcar to generate revenue out of it and cut your monthly subscription. During a listing, if a booking is allotted to the car, all the fuel expenses are to be incurred by the associate and the revenue generated is divided in a ratio of 75:25 i.e. 75% of revenue is shared with the Associate.


Features of ZAP

  • You do not plan to buy a car because you know you have to pay the down payment along with the monthly EMIs. And many times this amount becomes unaffordable. Having a car from ZAP will save a lot of money on the down payment. After submitting all the documents and completing the payments of first month’s advance subscription the car gets delivered in a buffer of 30 days.


  • The car is subscribed under one’s name but is never really owned by Associate. The car provided to you has the ownership from Zoomcar and all the documents of the car are in the name of Zoomcar Company.


  • Zoomcar provides you with cars that are not more than one year old but in very good condition. You cannot choose the colour or the model variant of the car. The cars provided have the registration plate in yellow and black colour but the stickers of Zoomcar are removed from the vehicle. However, if you wish to change a car in between your subscription period, you can simply drop a mail to Zoomcar and pay the adjustable amount. The monthly limit of free kms can be driven by Associate is 8000km per month.


  • When you buy a car, you just don’t pay down payment and EMI but the maintenance cost of the car as well. Because your car needs frequent check-ups and services to maintain its Engine for all weather conditions. Even servicing is once again a big recurring expense for the car owners. With ZAP subscribe, you do not have to pay any maintenance cost. This cost is already covered in your monthly subscription. Zoomcar executive also comes to your doorstep to solve any technical glitch that you face. For regular servicing too, Zoomar will automatically align the team to get your car serviced and deliver it back to you. However, the responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness of the car is solely yours. You will be given 1000/- in case the Zoomcar customer returns the car in an unhygienic condition, during a booking.


  • In case if any damage occurs to the car, like an accident, you are liable to pay a maximum amount of 10000/- depending upon the intensity of the damage incurred. The car is covered under bumper to bumper insurance by the company itself. If a car is damaged during the booking then associate must validate the damages and notify Zoomcar, The respective customer will be charged by Zoomcar. The damage charges are almost the same as that of a normally rented Zoomcar for Associate as well.


Benefits of sharing your car on ZAP:


  • Earning is guaranteed:

 Zoomcar guarantees that the money is earned whenever you put your car with ZAP. In case that your car doesn’t rent out at all than Zoomcar pays a pay-out of 10000/-. Provided you listed your car for at least 20days of a month including all the weekends. If you have a GST number, can share your GST number with Zoomcar, to avoid double deductions of GST charges from the monthly subscription as well as revenue earned.

Car Segment 10 days 20 days 30 days
Hatchbacks 7000/- 15000/- 30000/-
Sedans 10000/- 20000/- 33000/-
SUVs 11000/- 23000/- 37000/-

    Zoomcar makes booking for you: 

Once you put your car on ZAP, your car gets included in the inventory of Zoomcar. On their platform, when the customers search for a car, your car will appear on the suggestions list, according to the customers nearest location.

  • No need to be there during pickups: 

During a Pickup, customers can directly navigate to your car through Zoomcar application. The customers can unlock the car via app which eliminates the need of your presence during the pickup. As Zoomcar keeps a track of your vehicle provides 24*7 support, you can sleep peacefully when your car is out with someone else.

  • You control it:

The choice of when to put your car on Zoomcar and when not is solely yours. You do not have a schedule or a primary condition to put your car on a fixed number of days. Although, it is advisable to put your car on listing during weekends,i.e, from Friday to Monday.

  • Your car is safe with Zoomcar: 

There are speed governors installed in all the cars on the Zoomcar platform. When you rent out your car on Zoomcar, a speed governor tracks the behaviour of your driving along with speed limit regulation. This device restricts the speed of the car to 80 km/hr which means in spite of high acceleration by the customer, a car will be easily controllable under 80km/h speed. In case of any accident or damage occurred during booking, Zoomcar takes care of all the maintenance of the car, Also the revenue by charges imposed on a customer for damage will be shared 100% with Zoomcar.

  • They’ll keep you Updated: 

On putting your car on the Zoomcar platform, you’ll receive regular updates on the ZAP app whenever your car is picked up and dropped off. Also, all the required details about the booking and the revenue shared are available in the ZAP Application by Zoomcar.

Benefits of Zap over Rental or Self owned vehicle:

  • Car Maintenance is no more your Hassle:

Once you subscribe, the car is yours for the fixed tenure. You can plan the trips anywhere you want without having to rent a vehicle. The benefit of choosing the ZAP service over self-owned vehicles is that you do not have to spend pennies on your car maintenance expenses after every month because maintenance is already covered in the ZAP subscription fees and is taken care off well by Zoomcar.

  • Your Car will be an Asset now:

You can list your car on Zoomcar and make money out of Bookings your car serve. When your vehicle is idle, just list it on Zoomcar platform and sit back and relax. Your car will cut down your monthly subscription fee on every successful Booking.

  • No More Bulky Down Payments:

No down payment is the basic advantage of having ZAP subscribed car over owning a vehicle by yourself on Finance. Only a fixed Monthly Subscription Fees, and that’s all you need to pay for driving your own car.

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