Which Self-Drive Rental Car service is Cheapest for Road Trips?

Self-drive rental car services have now become a major choice for today’s population when it comes to road trips. Today we have several rental car services that provide self-drive cars on a go and also at very affordable prices. Zoomcar, Mychoize, Myles, and Revv are the major self drive rental car companies currently in the market. The question still remains which of these are the cheapest selfdrive rental car services for road trips? Let us have a look at all of them one by one.


Revv is one of the fastest growing self-drive rental car services based in Delhi NCR. Revv provides self-drive cars for limited and unlimited km. If you hire a car for limited km then the fuel cost for refilling is reimbursed. If the booking is for unlimited km then no fuel bills will be reimbursed. Unlimited km is only provided if you travel for more than 24 hours. A refundable deposit of 5000/- is to be submitted prior commencing your journey. Revv has become a prominent leader because of their experiment of one-way trips. They provide their services in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Mysore and Vizag.


Mychoize is a Japanese owned car rental service that has its services spread across 13 cities across India.

Mychoize also has unlimited km policy so you can easily travel without worrying about exhausting your kms. It does provide the vehicle with a full tank and does not reimburse any fuel cost although the vehicle needs to return with a full tank. Mychoize guarantees the lowest fares for making your road trip memorable and economical. They demand a refundable security deposit and accidental damage is limited to your security deposit. They provide their services in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Indore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara.


Myles is another self-drive rental car service that has budded immensely. Myles provides its service in 21 cities. Myles does not provide any fuel cost reimbursements. However, they have a policy that a car must be returned with a full tank. Myles has come up with a new policy where you do not have to pay any security deposit. The concept is “Loss Damage Waiver” where you have to pay 100/- per day. In this package, all the damages are covered. You either have to pay security deposit or Loss Damage Waiver. They also provide cars with unlimited km.


It might not be wrong to say that most people today are going after Zoomcar. This might be either due to its unmatchable policies or its commendable services. Zoomcar provides you with the free fuel option. Any extra fuel you refill and pay during booking is reimbursed by Zoomcar when you handover your receipts at the end of your trip. It has three types of packages namely Zoom lite, Zoom classic and Zoom XL.

All these packages are a combination of km and duration. They provide 24*7 support in case you require any. They do not provide unlimited km. You have to pay a refundable security deposit before commencing your journey.


Volercars has been a part of car rental services for over more than 8 years now. Volercars provide unlimited km. You will have a wide variety of cars at your option. The best part of Volercars is zero security deposit. They are functioning in Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Mysore, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad.


Selfdrives.in is another company that provides car on rent for self-drive. They have their services only in New Delhi. Selfdrives.in provides a very useful option for delivering the car directly to the airport in case you are travelling to a different city and need a car handy. They have the widest variety of vehicle options available to choose from small hatchbacks to 4×4 Jeeps to convertible luxury sedans. Selfdrives.in operates only in Delhi-NCR.

 Comparison Table of all Self-Drive Car companies segments wise.

 Car ModelZoomcarMylesMychoizeRevvVolercarSelfdrive.inCheapest Option
Hatch BackSwift4920 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.12/Excess km) 3000+2550*= 5550 /-(Without Fuel option & Rs.9/Excess km)2950+2550*= 5500 /-(Unlimited km)1800+2550*= 4350 /-(Unlimited km)3050+2550*= 5600 /-(Unlimited km)2265+2550*= 4815 /-(Unlimited km)1700+2550*= 4250 /-(Unlimited km)Selfdrive.in & Mychoize
Compact SedanAspire/Xcent5400 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.15/Excess km) 3360+2915*= 6275 /-(Without Fuel option & Rs.11/Excess km)2124+2915*= 5039 /-(Unlimited km)1900+2915*= 4815 /-(Unlimited km)3550+2915*= 6465 /-(Unlimited km)2265+2915*= 5180 /-(Unlimited km)2350+2915*= 5265 /-(Unlimited km)Mychoize and Myles
SedanCiaz/City6000 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.16/Excess km)3540+2915*= 6455 /-(Unlimited km)1920+2915*= 4835 /-(Unlimited km)3797+2915*= 6712 /-(Unlimited km)2803+2915*= 5718 /-(Unlimited km)2600+2915*= 5515 /-(Unlimited km)Mychoize & Selfdrives.in
Compact SUVDuster/Ecosport6000 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.15/Excess km) 3840+2915*= 6755 /-(Without Fuel option & Rs.11/Excess km)5310+2915*= 8225 / - (Unlimited km)2700+2915*= 5615 /-(Unlimited km)3797+2915*= 6712 /-(Unlimited km)2548+2915*= 5463 /-(Unlimited km)2650+2915*= 5565 /-(Unlimited km)Voler and Selfdrive.in
SUVXUV/Hexa6360 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.15/Excess km) 4920+3400*= 8320 /-(Without Fuel option & Rs.11/Excess km)5310+3400*= 8710 / - (Unlimited km)3186+3400*= 6586 /-(Unlimited km)4532+3400*= 7932 /-(Unlimited km)3256+3400*= 6656 /-(Unlimited km)3800+3400*= 7200 /-(Unlimited km)Zoomcar and Mychoize
Premium SUV/ 4x4Fortuner/Endeavour9120 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.18/Excess km)6490+4530*= 11020 /-(Unlimited km)4956+4530*= 9486 /-(Unlimited km)5267+4530*= 9797 /-(Unlimited km)4814+4530*= 9344 /-(Unlimited km)6700+4530*= 11230 /-(Unlimited km)Zoomcar and Volercars
LuxuryAudi/Merc/BMW10560 /-(With Fuel option & Rs.18/Excess km for Audi Q3)14160+4080*= 18240 /-(Unlimited km for BMW 5 series)N/AN/A6796+4080*= 10876 /-(Unlimited km for Audi Q3)9000+4080*= 13080 /-(Unlimited km for Audi A4)It is majorly influenced by the Vehicle(Selfdrives.in provides the max options in Luxury cars)

 * Taken readings for 24hrs of booking time and 600km
*Fuel Cost is calculated based on running average of 16kmpl,14kmpl,12kmpl,9kmpl,10kmpl for respective car segments. (Diesel-Rs.68/l)

Comparison between Myles and Zoomcar

  • Zoomcar provides packages with limited km whereas Myles has unlimited km policy.
  • Fuel is reimbursed by Zoomcar and no reimbursement for fuel via Myles.
  • Myles becomes a cheaper option when you are travelling with unlimited km package.

Which is cheaper, Mychoize or Zoomcar?

  • Mychoize has unlimited km and Zoomcar only gives packages with limited km.
  • Mychoize offers the minimum hourly rent for small cars, making it the most economical deal, Although fuel cost has to bear by the customer, unlike Zoomcar.

Cheapest Selfdrive Option

  • Revv provides the similar package of fuel cost and car rent combo like Zoomcar.
  • But Revv also comes with unlimited km option.
  • Altogether, Mychoize is the cheapest selfdrive rental car service for small cars option and Zoomcar is cheaper if you wish to rent an SUV.
  • Selfdrives.in have a wide variety to choose from, when it comes to luxury cars.

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