Why Zoomcar came up with Zoom Commute?

Going through this article is an assurance that you already have knowledge about zoomcar and their unmatchable services. But just for the benefit of those who might be oblivion of it, we are going to take a swift look at what zoomcar is all about.


Zoomcar has close to a decade been providing temporary transportation service to nearly 36 metro cities across India. Zoomcar has locations throughout India in addition to rental counters at many International Airport. Now the locations covered by Zoomcar are just mind-blowing, no more just the conventional state’s capital also many metro cities. You can see all of that from the website www.zoomcar.com

More to that, Zoomcar offers direct vehicle pick up and drop off services from local airports.

Zoomcar goes with the motto “Service above the rest”. They apply this mantra to every customer interaction. You can have a scintillating experience and quality care and discover why Zoom has maintained customers and turned them into loyal and long-term clients. One other jaw-dropping quality is the 24-hour emergency assistance they offer, this has made every user ever willing to rent Zoomcar and never stop living.


Conventionally, the self drive and car rental offered by Zoomcar was thought to be delimited to just weekend outdoor trips and business for weekends for some executives who move from one city to another city

This concept suits not just those who moves through a long distance who does not want to make use of their fun rides, but some individuals who for some certain reasons never wish to own a car but at some points, they need a car for some reasons.

Then, some set of persons just want to rent a car and self drive for prestigious purposes and show off.

Whichever reason you want to rent a car and then self drive, we believe it is justifiable and it is convincing, and in any case you wish, zoomcar would do justice to that, and even more to that with the new concept of ZOOM COMMUTE.

ZOOM COMMUTE was introduced by the zoomcar just to enable people who want to rent a car and self drive to be in possession of the car for more number of days or more duration just to suit their needs. Some individuals want to rent cars and self drive for more than the conventional weekend rentals and concept initially followed by the zoomcar. And it is just a yes to that with the weekly commute the zoomcar introduced.

Weekly commute offers car rental for up to 4 days or 5 days for a given price and for specific cars.

We are going to consider some cars and the cost of renting them for one week on the weekly commute package, using BANGALORE as a case study.

You can actually select how you make use of it, whether to fuel it or for it to be fueled, the package you select sure affects the price of the rented car.

Lets just take a lot at some of the cars and the different prices.






The image(s) provided above virtually explains everything you need to know relating to the cost of renting the cars provided in the images in Bangalore.  If you need to rent on a weekend basis or on a weekly basis. This gets even clearer and more comprehensive when you open the site and try to have a feel of it.

NB: Mark the highlighted green area in the image, the following cost excludes fueling of the car. If you need the cost of the car when it is fueled, just get to the other option and you have it.

With these simplified, you can easily select what suits your budget and need to rent a car and self drive.


This article won’t be complete if we fail to take an overview or an appraisal of the pros and cons of car rental.

Self-drive car rentals have gained considerable popularity as a concept over the past few years with commuters opting to rent cars for self-drive over the conventional way of hiring a taxi/ chauffeur driven cab at an increasing trend. While it is a much-evolved concept across many countries, self-drive car concept is becoming popular even in India. Hiring a self-drive car has its own set of advantages and disadvantages which we are about to evaluate here.



  • Easy and swift to book and picking up a car:

Anchoring on the technology revolution, most car rental companies offer car bookings on their phone and web-based apps in very simple steps. This makes it very convenient for commuters to book a car. Moreover, there are multiple pick-up points spread across the cities from where one can easily pick up the vehicle.

  • Wide variety of options:

One rent cars for self drive of their choice depending upon the need and allocated budget. Self-drive cars are also the best and most affordable way to satiate your desire for driving multi-brand luxury cars. One can pick up a car based on the traffic situation of the location they are in, a flexibility which is not so in self-owned cars.

  • Independence and privacy:

The greatest advantage of a self-drive car is the amazing level of independence it offers. One doesn’t need to be dependent on a chauffeur to take one around and is completely free to discuss business or personal matter without anyone listening in or poking nose. Complete In this scenario, one is the master of one’s wishes in a self-drive car.

  • Ready to go:

Hyderabad car rental service like Zoomcar provide cars with pre-loaded fuel, insurance coverage, 24*7 roadside assistance and other such value-added services to make the drive smooth and hassle free.



While there are numerous pros of self drive car rental, it perhaps has some disadvantages such as:  One cannot just be comfortable with self drive rented car the way he/she would be with his/her personal ride. There is this feeling of being too careful in order not to damage the car, this in order words does not give one a total freedom.


Another drawback is that the car is with you throughout the time period. Locating a parking spot when you don’t need the car can pose a challenge and given the traffic in cities. Some Providers like Zoomcar solve this problem by offering multiple parking lots across the city where one can park free of any extra cost.


Having considered these factors, it is crystal clear that the PROS of renting self drive cars outweigh the cons, this resultantly has made it gain popularity especially in the Indian market.


In summary, it is just obvious that the necessity of self drive car rent cannot just be overemphasized as the company tries to become better on a daily basis just to provide flawless services to their various customers.

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