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Zoom car zap subscription is an extension of zap program. This program enables to subscribe to new or existing car at fixed or existing monthly rates. These subscriptions are the source of flexibility Nd convenience for you people. These vehicles can be easily accessible.

As  subscriber you would be able to subscribe  car in month for 18900 being  zap customer. You can get an interesting benefit from these subscriptions and that thing is you can earn profit by simply giving this car to someone else when you re not using it.

Why we’r Interesting Bro

Buy zoom Cars

  • Zap car subscriptions is introduces by zoom cars and by this you would be able to buy  new or already present cars t fixed monthly rates.

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Yours Property

  • Once you have given your payment, car would be in your hands within 48 hours. enjoy the the best downs and dusks with your family.


  • you would not be responsible for zoom car maintenance if you have done zap subscription. you don’t have to pay additional charges in case of any damage. it would be included in your total monthly fee. its a big advantage for you as  zap subscriber, you need not to think bout rods and maintenance, just go,go and go so fr by throwing all dusty and rusty thoughts behind.

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Damage Liability is less

  • If you encounter some accident, zap car subscription ensures you for limited damage liability in approx. 10,000.


  • If you want  new car, you can have it with full flexibility anytime anywhere.

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Earning would be profit

  • If zoom car can get subscribers for more than 30 months then the cost of the car can be recovered. earning would be profit. he maximum running span of  rental car is 3 to four years approximately. Zoom Cars get their money back in initial three years easily. zoom cars can get their money back in three years. you can earn more with new cars or by selling the old ones. in zoom cars there would always be  risk of not getting a subscriber. you would need insurance cost, and also personnel cost and other things.

Ensure cleanliness

  • The subscriber  would definitely ensure you that car is clean, now you can sit in your car and enjoy the tension free journey with smiles on your faces. subscriber would also ensure you that car is filled up thus releasing you from another tension. 

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Get to pass risk of low utilization

Once zoom car get  subscriber,  monthly income is guaranteed to him. if the subscriber just lists the cr nd no one has still booked the car, the loss is for the subscriber because zoom cars guarantees  payout of 10000 if listed for 20 plus days including ll weekends. 

ZAP Subscriptions is best Or Buying


ZAP Subscriptions is  good option in some scenarios for instance if i m  person who needs car for  shorter period of time and i don’t have much money to buy car. i need to travel abroad,so what will i do in this case, i would fulfill my purpose by ZAP Subscriptions. with this i would spend 108 k on subscription for 6 months than in return i would also get profit man. If my car is idle for some days i can put it on rent to someone else, this would give  profit to me. better not to buy new car say Tiago for 8 lacs and then sell it for 6 lacs thats why i would subscribe. 

Economic Attraction 

The economics might be very attractive why because instead of buying an expensive car say Creta by spending 15 lacs on it i can simply do zap subscriptions in 2 lacs for 6 months. My need would be fulfilled and it would be tempting someone because of low economics.

List A Car

Since you need  car for few days or say few months, better is the option you should subscribe. you would subscribe and you can also list your car within this period and can take fee back. Give others a chance to book your car and enjoy by getting money.

i m responsible for car maintenance or not

say i am a zoom car subscriber, some one has asked me after 1 year that zoom car need replacements, repairs i have an option to say yes or no i m not interested for these repairs and maintenance. subscriber has an option of giving one month notice of terminating the subscription then he would be free but he has to pay this one month money. 
If the car has minor dents or scratches than the subscriber would pay a few thousand rupees for this which is say  good thing.

Speed Governor and interstate permit fee

the car would be yellow if the number plate is black, they are most probably come with speed governor which would limit the top speed to 80km/h as stated by government’s rules and regulations. Permit fee needs to be paid as we people know interstate travel will have extra charges.

Interstate permit fee durations

If the permit fee for interstate travels has crossed one week then it needs to be reimbursed.

GST Registration

you need an input ax credit then you would have to do GST Registration for this purpose. once you registered you would be filling at regular intervals. You can give money to someone else who can also pay.

Minimum listing period

There is no minimum listing with zoom cars. If i m the subscriber, i can keep the car for entire duration without listing even once in a while. 

Remote facility

normally we see if you book a car then customer would return the car, he would come to your homes, offices and it might hurt your privacy, so in order to get rid of all these insecurities do have a zap subscription. zoom car has remote locks, it would not need any person specifically but this facility of zoom car would charge extra charges i.e. 400/per day.



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